Womens Lady Deadpool Costume


Womens Lady Deadpool Costume

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Dress as the second sexiest mercenary in this Women’s Lady Deadpool Costume. Deadpool actually came in first place but that’s besides the point. Lady Deadpool, whose real name is Wanda Wilson, is a badass assassin in her own right. This outfit comes as a single piece jumpsuit with various red and black printing. There is even a bit of padding along the legs and exposed hands to easily wield any weapons. You also receive a belt with printed pouches and the Deadpool logo. Then, complete the look with a mask featuring large mesh screens for optimum visual range and room in the back to keep your hair up in a ponytail. With the success of the Deadpool movie, many will be wanting to dress up as the character and that’s good news for women who want to get in on the fun as well with this Lady Deadpool costume. Take a look at some other accessories and weapons to include!

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