Toddler Despicable Me 3 Fluffy Costume


Toddler Despicable Me 3 Fluffy Costume

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Your little one is sweet. No doubt about it. Maybe it comes from that intense love of sugar. You don’t know how it happened but it seems like your child can smell a forgottengum drop initswrapper in the back of a desk drawer from outside a closed door. Who knows if enough candy canaffecta kid’s personabut one thing is for sure, this kiddo’s taste matches her personality. If you saw Despicable Me 3 than you sawsweet Agnes sell her beloved Fluffy to pay for bills after her parents got fired. While we hope your child will never get that idea into her mind we’re sure there would be no hesitation to sell that beloved lovey for the good of your family. When you’re living with a child as darling as that it’s hard to let them face the reality of life.How evermany times your little girl asks about unicorns you just have to keep up that charade because who can admit the horrible hornless reality to those big eyes and pink cheeks? While we only got to see Fluffy for a few minutes in the Despicable Me 3, this fluff ball is a character we’ve come to know and love. While anyone can loveunicorns there’s only one Fluffy in the world! It’s easy for your little one to become this Carnivalrescue. Just slip the costume on and adjust the unicorn hood and you’ll have one of the world’s cutest unicorns on your hands. No doubt about it, yourFluffyis really good to snuggle with!

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