Toddler Big Top Clown Costume


Toddler Big Top Clown Costume

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If have a severe case of coulrophobia then by all means do not dress your child in this toddler Big Top Clown Costume. Yes your entire neighborhood, family and friends will think hes the cutest thing since sliced bread but at what cost?! At what cost? Hell be a mini walking, talking, terror!
If you dont have that crazy clown fear then our Toddler Big Top Clown Costume is the perfect costume choice for your little jokester! If he or she is always giving you a run for your money and constantly giving you the giggles with their big personality then what better costume than a clown! Our adorable patchwork, red and yellow striped clown costume will give your toddler a vintage clown look, because vintage is all the rage right now, duh!
Its finally time to put all of the makeup you always buy and never use to good use, yeah were looking at you moms. Paint on an adorable clown face for your little performer or if makeup skills arent your thing then grab a classic giant red clown nose and voila! Youre little one is the star of the show! Were really not sure why clowns keep getting such a bad wrap, they are bright, colorful and full of fun tricks, whats so scary about that? When its your little one as the clown then the answer is nothing!

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