The Original AirFort – Digi Camo Play Tent


The Original AirFort – Digi Camo Play Tent

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The AirFort is the first kid’s fort to hit the market that inflates in seconds with the switch of an ordinary household fan. When inflated, the AirFort is large in size fitting several kids and adults. When deflated, the AirFort stuffs into its own matching carrying & storage bag. Have fun in the “coolest” fort you’ve ever built! Fun in a Bag, Just Add Air! The AirFort inflates in less than 30 seconds. When the kids are ready to play, simply attach your AirFort to a fan and you’re ready to go! No cushions, blankets, pillows needed. Create a mess-free fort quickly and easily. When bedtime hits, unless a slumber party calls, all you have to do is stuff your AirFort into its matching carrying bag and you’re done. The carrying bag is small in size taking up almost no storage space. The AirFort is great to bring to a friend’s house or take on a family road trip. Kids love the AirFort, but adults might love it even more because it’s easy to set up and even easier to put away. Plus, the AirFort is Child Safety Tested and Approved! A Big Fort In A Small Package! At 6.5 ft. in diameter and over 4 ft. tall, the AirFort is large enough to fit several kids and adults. Big enough for kids and their toys, blankets, pillows and games. The perfect size fort to encourage hours of fun and independent playtime. A BIG fort that fits into a tiny package, really important when it’s time to put your AirFort away. Made from lightweight, breathable fabric, the AirFort, when stuffed back into its matching carrying bag, weighs only 24 oz. and is smaller in size than a folded pair of jeans! You are guaranteed to love the AirFort!