Striped Cat in the Hat Hat for Kids


Striped Cat in the Hat Hat for Kids

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A lot of people like to dress up as “Thing One” and “Thing Two” these days, but they often leave out of the most important part. Without a certain tall, anthropomorphic hat-wearing feline, the Things would be directionless and without leadership. In fact, they wouldn’t be able to show up at all, since he’s the one who carts them around. So if your kid happens to fit the characteristics of said feline mischievous, but intelligent and entertaining, to name but a few tell them their services are badly needed, and all it takes is wearing this Kids Striped Cat in the Hat Hat!

In this fun, colorful headpiece inspired by Dr. Seuss’s most iconic creation, your kid will be able to keep an eye on the rambunctious Thing One and Thing Two as they make a mess. Of course, it’s also fun to wear just for the heck of it if you’re a Dr. Seuss fan, and it’s the perfect topper to your “Cat in the Hat” Halloween costume! Be sure to check out our other Seuss costumes and accessories if you’re putting one together!

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