Star Wars Deluxe Sith Trooper Adult Costume


Star Wars Deluxe Sith Trooper Adult Costume

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A Long History
Some might have been a bit shocked to see the new variety of Troopers working with the First Order in the new trilogy of Star Wars. Their shining red armor. Their intimidating presence. (Their ability to land a hit with blaster fire and vibroblades.) But, did you know that their presence in the First Order wasn’t the very beginning of such mighty foes to the Republic? It turns out that they are rather legendary, in fact!
Now, sure, we’re diving a bit into the old extended universe. It’s a touch of non-canonical lore from the Legends side of the Star Wars story. But, even if it isn’t canon Star Wars lore, it’s still part of our own narrative history, right!? Take a look into the mysterious past of Darth Revan and his conflict during the Jedi Civil War of the past and you’ll find a host of Sith Troopers that made this Red Armor the terror that it would become for the First Order. 
Fun Details
Take a bite out of history and make the future even more fun when you dress up in this Deluxe Sith Trooper costume. This is an officially licensed jumpsuit designed to look like the red and black armor worn by the newest incarnation of Stormtroopers from Star Wars from The Force Awakens to Rise of the Skywalker. The jumpsuit features quilted padding to look like armor while still wearing comfortably. A foam belt and a molded helmet give you the authentic look so you’ll feel like part of a major team while making the Republic shake in their boots. (Speaking of boots, you’ve got boot covers to really make the costume come together!) 
A New Trooper
Whether you’re living out the fun of a non-canonical world of legend or bringing the new trilogy to life, you can’t go wrong with the red armor of the Sith Trooper. (Well, technically you’ll be working on the Dark Side, so… maybe a little wrong.) .

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