Shot in the Head Set by Spirit Halloween


Shot in the Head Set by Spirit Halloween

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Serve up drinks to your party goers in a unique way when you offer shots from this Shot in the Head 5-Piece Set. Skull features 5 holes for test tube sized shots, so drink up on Halloween!Shot in the Head 5-Piece Set includes: SkullTest Tube Shot GlassesMaterials:Skull – 100% HDPETubes – 100% GPPSSpecial Features/ Requirements:(1.) Wash each tube by hand with warm tap water and soap. (2.) Fill skull slightly more than half way with water [approx. 32 oz. (946.4mL)]. Do not overfill! Water will expand when frozen and might cause plastic skull to crack. (3.) Insert empty Shot tubes. – Toys – – Spirit Halloween.

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