Scary Tree Costume for Adults


Scary Tree Costume for Adults

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Some people don’t understand how a tree or a forest can be scary. But these people have probably just never seen the right forest at the right time. When you are off in a dark, twisted forest in the middle of the night, you’ll find that your heart gets pumping just a little faster than you’d like. You’ll find yourself constantly looking over shoulder, and you’ll find your eyes jumping around like you’re watching a tennis match. After just ten minutes in a place like that, you’ll realize you are practically running through the forest just trying to escape. 
We know what that is like. We’ve been there before. Sometimes a forest will feel so dark that you would think it is haunted! Hard to believe something like that could exist so close to the yellow brick road, right? Just remember you have a little courage, and you’ll be okay! 
This costume is perfect for productions and plays! The tree starts as a robe. The robe is brown and is printed with a wooden pattern. The headpiece helps finish out the top half of the tree and has a sign attached that says turn back! Who said scary trees can’t be helpful? The costume comes with gloves that have branch-like fingers and shoe covers that look like faux leaves. We’ve included the “no trespassing” sign and the “beware” sign as well! This costume makes for a scary yet helpful tree that looks like it belongs in the land of Oz! 
If you ever find yourself lost in a haunted forest starting to doubt your courage, just do what Dorothy did! Follow the yellow brick road. If you don’t have any yellow brick roads around, any road will do! .

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