PJ Masks Classic Gekko Costume for Toddlers


PJ Masks Classic Gekko Costume for Toddlers

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Gasping Gekkos!
Your little one loves PJ Masks. Actually, obsessed may be a more fitting word. And their favorite character? Gekko, of course! Your child just loves that Gekko is the youngest member of the team (just like them!) and that he’s always ready for action. In fact, your kid is so into Gekko and his super camouflage that you recently found them dressed head to toe in a green sweatsuit, lying in wait in the grass, trying to blend in. While we applaud their creativity, the best way for your child to live like Gekko is to get them this PJ Masks Toddler Classic Gekko Costume and watch them try to hide their excitement! It’ll be better than defeating Romeo!
In this cute, officially-licensed costume straight from the TV show, your little crime fighter can feel compelled to try to help their friends and save the day, just like Gekko!
Fun Details
This super-Gekko costume is made to look just like the one on the show, from the green printed jumpsuit to the hood and mask. There is a stuffed tail that attaches to the back of the suit and a chin strap under the hood to help keep it in place. We haven’t yet cracked the code on how to replicate a Gekko-mobile yet, but when we do, we promise your kiddo will be the first to know! Now let them head out into the yard in this costume and climb, jump, and build up strength—that sweatsuit’s got nothing on this authentic Gekko costume!
Super Gekko Camouflage! Super Gekko Muscles!
Now you just need to prepare yourself—if you thought your child was Gekko-obsessed before, wait until you see how devoted they become to their favorite character now! Still, it’s fun to watch them run around and practice being agile, strong, and a force for good. Just as long as they don’t actually go sneaking out in the middle of the night to fight crime!

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