Pirate Hat with Dreads


Pirate Hat with Dreads

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Think you’re boarding the pirate ship looking like that? Think again, matey! Only the toughest-looking men and women get to board The Ghostly Deceit (That’s the name of our pirate ship. Pretty cool, huh?) So c’mon you salty sea dog, it’s time to upgrade your duds so you look less like a person who just got out of a business meeting and more like a person who just got done looting an enemy ship! Argggggh! 
First things first, you’ll need everyone’s pirate’s trademark, a tricorn hat. It’s a must-have accessory that will assert your dominance over other pirates and the seven seas in general. Once one is placed on your head, you’ll feel like a different person and lucky you, we have just the one. The pirate hat with dreads creates an intimidating, no-nonsense look so people will assume you’re about to thieve from them, steering clear of you, which is exactly the look we’re going for!       
The pirate hat with dreads is made from soft, polyester foam so it feels nice and comfortable on your head. Synthetic dreads with decorative beads are sewn to the bottom of the hat, creating one convenient accessory. 
Argh you getting a full pirate costume to go with this hat? You should, we have tons of them! 

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