Orange Carrot Costume for Adults


Orange Carrot Costume for Adults

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So, you think it’d be fun to be a carrot? No way! Carrots have it tough. Think of a day in the life of a real carrot. They grow up; scratch that, they grow down, into the ground, where there is nothing to see or do. Imagine spending your whole day buried in the dirt. The only company they have are the worms that crawl on by, and if they are lucky, another sad little carrot. 
But, as bad and as boring as it must be, they still don’t want to get pulled out of the dirt. Because once they get pulled out of the dirt, there is really only one place left for them to go: Somebody’s belly. That’s right, whether it’s a rabbit or a farmer or anything else, the second that carrot is pulled out of its earthy home, they are no more than a few stops from the end of the road. 
If you still want to be a carrot after that, good for you. That takes guts! This costume comes in the form of a big orange tunic. The bottom edge is open, letting your feet poke out, and there are slits in the sides that let your arms out too! Of course, we put a hole in the front for your face, and right above that is the leafy green part of your costume that would normally be sticking out of the dirt! 
Now when you head out as a carrot, you are going to have a couple advantages over the baby carrots in your fridge. 1) you can talk. No one wants to eat a talking carrot, so if someone tries to bite you, chat them up. It’ll freak them out. 2) You have arms and legs. So, if someone tries to bite you, ignore the talking advice and just run. Good luck! .

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