Mad Scientist White Wig for Adults


Mad Scientist White Wig for Adults

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Oh no, we know what this means… If you are looking at this wig, then you must be looking to become a mad scientist. What are you going to invent? You could invent time travel, time travel is cool. But it’s dangerous, we don’t need you messing up our past or our future! Unless, of course, you wanted to make us super rich. If you did that, odds are we wouldn’t complain. But still, unless you are going to make us a king or make us super rich, don’t tamper with our lives! One little thing in the past can cause crazy ripples! 
This wig is pretty much an essential part of any mad scientist costume. You’ll be wearing a white wig on a mesh cap. The wig is made of 100% synthetic materials, and the mesh cap is lined with elastic to help it stay in place. 
Alright, now that you have the wig, we are assuming you have the brains too! It’s time for you to launch yourself off into the future! How far forward will you go? You might as well make it about 1000 years, see you in the year 3018! .

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