Kids High Seas Pirate Girl Costume


Kids High Seas Pirate Girl Costume

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What’s Better than a Cruise?
Ah, what’s better than a cruise in the Caribbean, soaking up so many rays of sunshine on a giant yacht, full of other people you don’t know—so many people you don’t know, who took the good spots next to the pool but it’s okay, because there’s a buffet downstairs—but darn it the littler kids ate all the cheese pizza and cake, so you’re stuck with fried chicken and it’s kind of old (you can tell because it’s not all that crispy), which you take outside but a pelican swooped down and snatched it out of your hand. What is better than a cruise in the Caribbean?
We think we’re thinking what you’re thinking. You’ve got to go get out on the high seas, alone, with a mission! Your heart of a pirate might make you walk all those cheese pizza-stealers down the plank if we don’t set you on a path toward some treasure! Sure, the voyage might be an insurance nightmare, but you don’t quite know what that is yet anyway. Snag this Marauder Pirate Girl Costume and let’s get going. We see how you’re looking at everyone on this yacht!
This all-polyester dress with ivory colored sleeves and vest comprises the only bit of equipment you’ll need out on our trek. Don’t worry, the dark red bandana is included, so your little forehead won’t get burnt while we’re exploring coastlines and little islands. An elastic waistband pulls it all together in the middle, while a polyester pirate hat and boot tops anchor the ensemble. Look at you, you’re so ready to go!
The Maiden Voyage
Okay, now since a sweet scallywag like your little girl can’t be trusted on, say, the Royal Caribbean, you had better find another way to make her daring seafaring dreams come true. Take this Marauder Pirate Girl Costume, for instance. Now this is a great (and jail-free) way to encourage your lady’s passion for plundering. After all, you can’t expect a pirate captain to board a boat and feign joy as a mere passenger.

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