Kids Car Hop Sweetie Girl Costume


Kids Car Hop Sweetie Girl Costume

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A Hardworking Kiddo
Your little one wants to get a job. She’s always been a hard worker, and you have to appreciate that. Now she wants to start saving for college. That’s very admirable, and certainly preferable to her being glued to her phone all day. Just one problem—she’s a little young and can’t actually legally work yet. Well, we have to say we do agree with child labor laws. But! If your little girl really wants to get a sense of what working a part time job is like, then get her this Kids Car Hop Sweetie Costume.
In this retro outfit, she can run back and forth delivering sodas or snacks from the kitchen to wherever you are in the house. She’ll get a sense of what these jobs are like, and all in an adorable 50s style car hop outfit! You can even tip her with every order and she can start her college fund, just like she hoped for! Neato!
Fun Details
Yes, your little girl will embody the timeless style of the 50s the moment she slips on this one piece dress. The black top has a white foam collar and cuffs, with the words “Junior’s Diner” alongside an image of a burger on the front and back. The light blue shirt has an attached tulle petticoat, for a full skirt indicative of the era, while the white apron comes with black trim and silver sequins, for pizzazz! Don’t forget the blue hat to complete the look! Maybe she oughta be writing all this down so she doesn’t forget it.
Time to Relax
After running around and getting an idea of life with a job, your kiddo will be tired out. Maybe she will even start to appreciate the time she used to get to relax more. Hard work is always admirable, but let her know time off is even better while she can enjoy it!

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