Justice League Adult Deluxe Flash Costume


Justice League Adult Deluxe Flash Costume

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There are a lot of superpowers that would be pretty awesome to have. Some of them we would like to have more than others. For instance, while telepathy would definetly come in handy we think it would cause too many scenarios that could hurt our feelings if we read the wrong mind. Wall-crawling would be a lot of fun, you could finally learn what your neighbor is listening to at such a high volume, not to mention catching some seriously awesome sunsets. 
Even though we’re very interested in talking to animals, superhuman speed would be the superpower that we’d choose above all others. The superhero we all know and love, Flash, has used it to make the world a better place but we think you could use it for the betterment of your life as well as just having fun! 
Run into your dining room and steal that hot and crispy Toaster Strudel right from under your roommate’s nose. When you wander back into the room, wiping crumbs from your face and see them looking under the table and checking the toaster you might feel bad for a second. Don’t worry, your super speed allows you to shovel snow off your roommate’s car in a jiffy so you’ll do them a few favors to make up for their sweet treat confusion. 
Okay, maybe we’re bad people. If you want to do good with your newfound powers, you’ll feel heroically inspired in this jumpsuit. It has a printed design and closes with hook and loop tape in the back. You’ll look muscley with foam on the chest, gauntlets, and boot tops. And hey, even if you’re a hero you can still cause a little trouble with you super speed powers!

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