Jurassic Beasts Turbo Monster Truck


Jurassic Beasts Turbo Monster Truck

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Step back in time 200 million years with Jurassic Beasts Turbo Monster Truck. An age when dinosaurs ruled the rugged terrain. With oversized wheels and a sturdy pick-up frame, Jurassic Beasts are built to dominate. Switch up the X1 Dirt fender and C1 Concept hood with that of the R1 Roadster for any number of wild combinations. Turbo or Pro, with our modular system you can Mix & Match any frame, hood or fender across any Modarri car or Monster Truck for endless design possibilities. Just loosen the screws with the hex tool provided and swap out parts for easy on-the-go customization. INCLUDES: Turbo Monster Truck chassis Pick-up frame Dinosaur Scales X1 Dirt fender Dinosaur Scales C1 Concept hood Tiger Stripe R1 hood & fender Hex Tool.