Harry Potter Adult Hufflepuff Skirt


Harry Potter Adult Hufflepuff Skirt

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The Best and Brightest
Do you have a way with plants? Are food charms right up your alley? Are you likely to be found tending mandrakes with Professor Sprout or following fantastic beasts with Newt Scamander? Well, then you appear to be a Hufflepuff, friend (that should come as no surprise to you). Hard-working, patient, fair, and friendly, your house kind of represents the best of the wizarding world, huh? 
Show your pride in your recent sorting and skip about the halls of Hogwarts in this Adult Hufflepuff Skirt from Harry Potter! It’ll look authentic under your school robes and will let everyone know that you’re a badger, through and through. 
Fun Details
Being a Hufflepuff is often about being a great witch without all the fanfare. But this skirt will still get you noticed with its official Hufflepuff crest and pleated yellow-and-gray argyle inserts. Pair it with the rest of your school uniform for your first year in the common room with the rest of your house!
Pride and Joy
Don’t listen to those other wizards who make fun of Hufflepuff. They wish they had your class, maturity, and loyalty. Just go about your business being fabulous and enjoying the finer things in life—gardening, cooking, and magic, of course!

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