Frozen Olaf Child Costume


Frozen Olaf Child Costume

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Winter’s a good time to stay in and cuddle But put me in summer and I’ll be a..happy snowman! Olaf meant far more to the story in Disney’s Frozen than comic relief. Remember how much Anna missed making a snowman with Elsa? (You had better, she sang one of the catchiest songs ever devised specifically about it.) And remember when Elsa finally broke free and used her crazy ice powers to build a spectacular castle? Well, before she did that, she made a little snowman. Even with all that power at her fingertips, the first thing Elsa wanted to do in her free time was make a simple snowman, just like she used to with her sister back during simpler times. Olaf is a symbol of sisterly love. Of course, Olaf wasn’t content to just be a symbol. He lightened up every scene he was in, always ready to crack a one liner or just inject a certain cuteness factor into the plot whenever he could. We never thought it could be possible, but Olaf quickly became our favorite cartoon snowman of all time. There’s just something about that carrot nose and those stumpy legs. If your kid is a little comedian too, they’ll love our officially licensed Frozen Olaf Child Costume. It comes with a jumpsuit, a tunic to give them a two big snowball body, and a headpiece with Olaf’s smiling face on it. The tunic will give them that authentic snowman stick finger look! They’ll look so real you’ll want to crank up the air conditioning when you drive them around to keep them from melting. The only thing that will actually melt is your heart!

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