Elsa’s Shoes Frozen


Elsa’s Shoes Frozen

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Little girls may often ask themselves, “what’s the best way to feel like a princess?” We’ve done a lot of research on this because we’d also like to feel like a princess as much as possible. (Who wouldn’t?) The best answer we’ve come up with is to wear these Frozen Elsa shoes while twirling and singing “Let it Go!” at the top of your lungs. Little girls will feel like they’re dancing on the snow-covered hills of Arendelle just like the Snow Queen herself. 
These light blue glitter shoes feature a decorative bow adorned with a picture of Elsa on a plastic snowflake. The shoes fasten around feet via an adjustable heel strap. They make the perfect accessory to accompany any Elsa costume so gift them to your young Frozen fan and they’ll instantly feel like an enchanting snow princess!    .

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