Cat in the Hat Costume for Adults


Cat in the Hat Costume for Adults

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Bringer of Joy The world can be a bit much sometimes, right? Politics, the environment, medical discoveries—the news can be daunting and overwhelming. So why not brighten everyone’s day today by inviting in a bit of levity, humor, and fun in, instead? Wear this Adult Cat in the Hat Costume to work, to a friend’s birthday party, or to a baseball game. It doesn’t really matter where you choose to wear it, it matters what you do with it. For instance, as the Cat in the Hat, it’s your duty to deliver new and interesting ways to have fun all day. Think of yourself as the Emcee of Glee when you’re wearing this costume. As this lively leader, you’re entitled to reimagine the boring office conference room birthday cake party. You can do cartwheels to the subway instead of walking. You can inspire others to make a bit of a mess at the company picnic, as long as everyone is having fun. That’s the only rule! Product Details This costume turns you into everyone’s favorite mischief-maker, instantly. It’s a black jumpsuit with a furry white chest patch, attached black tail, and large red bow tie, just like the Cat’s! The adjustable striped hat makes the look complete, and it even has a hidden pocket for cash or an ID, so you can easily carry your valuables without ruining the illusion. A Friendly Reminder Of course, don’t forget that this costume does not come with the Cat’s signature picker-upper machine, so whatever mess you and yours get into will need to be righted by hand!

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