Caribbean Toddler Pirate Girl Costume for Little Child


Caribbean Toddler Pirate Girl Costume for Little Child

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Being a pirate would be totally awesome. At least, being a pirate like the ones in the movies would be! You get to sail around the seven seas looking for treasure and gold! That’s a pretty cool way to make a living. The only problem with it is that your stealing. Luckily, when your toddler becomes a pirate, we have a non-stealing alternative for them to enjoy. 
If you take them out on Halloween, they can do all of the pirating they want with no harm done! Rather than looking for gold, just look for candy! You can sail from house to house in search of delicious plunder. Then, at the end of the night, you’ll have a full bag of loot, ready for eating! You can both take it home and find a good place to bury your treasure. We recommend burying it under the bed, it’s a classic spot.
This costume will transform your child into a fierce seagoing pirate! They’ll be wearing the dress, which comes with white frilled sleeves, a faux leather vest attached, and the black and red skirt! These items together create an instantly recognizable look. Over that, they’ll be wearing the belt you can see above. To help them get their sea legs, we’ve included boot covers, and for their head, we’ve included a bandana and a hat! The dark red bandana is worn under the hat and is made to drape off to the side. The hat is a tricorn hat, just like the kind you would see in a pirate movie!
If your toddler is becoming a pirate, does that make you a pirate captain? That’s a lot of responsibility! Are you fully prepared to manage your unruly crew? It’ll go just fine, just make sure that you find them plenty of delicious loot! As long as they aren’t hungry for candy, they’ll be happy! .

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