Brown Biker Beard & Mustache


Brown Biker Beard & Mustache

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There’s definitely a unofficial official beginning of motorcycle season. It has to be warm weather when everybody knows that the roads won’t be icy. People in the south right now might be looking at this thinking “what on earth are they talking about?” Well everybody else understands for sure. Some people try to push it a bit and start earlier than others which is pretty tough of them but then there are the people who refuse to give in and garage the bike until next season. These people usually take a few precautions to stay nice and toasty even with the icy wind whipping at their faces.
Usually your best bet in that situation is to instantly grow a massive beard that would make Odin himself jealous. Most of us unfortunately don’t have the strength in our follicles to develop that much facial hair in our lifetimes let alone in a matter of seconds. For all of those people we have this big, bushy, brown, biker wig so when you’re riding over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house for some pie you don’t have to feel that wind biting your nose.

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