Boys Iron Man Deluxe Costume from Captain America: Civil War


Boys Iron Man Deluxe Costume from Captain America: Civil War

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I am Iron Man!

Captain America was pretty lucky that Iron Man was pulling his punches in Captain America: Civil War. We mean, we totally respect Cap. In the comics he can snap steel chains like they were made out of raw spaghetti, hurl his vibranium shield right through a box truck, and he can even dodge bullets. But Iron Man can rip a plane in half with his bare hands, sustain multiple nuclear explosions like they were water balloons, accelerate to mach 4 nearly instantaneously, and even see everywhere on earth all at once courtesy of his ability to interface with every satellite in orbit. We get it — Civil War wouldnt have been very interesting if Iron Man hit Cap with a 20,000 degree unibeam blast in the first three minutes of the movie, but keep in mind that the comics spell a different story if the two titans ever really clashed.

Why do we love Iron Man so much? Sure, it doesnt hurt that hes played by Robert Downey Jr., an actor so handsome and charismatic that he almost puts writers to shame. Hes proof that you dont need a blast of Gamma Radiation, a dose of super soldier serum, or a birth certificate from Valhalla to give space aliens and super robots a run for their money. All you need is an over-sized ego, a sweet robotics workshop, and an eye for fashionable paint jobs, and you too can be one of the most powerful heroes in the Avengers.

If you want to dress up as Iron Man from his latest appearance in Captain America: Civil War, our officially licensed Boys Iron Man Deluxe Costume is just the outfit to do it in. Its a lovingly detailed jumpsuit and mask right out of the movie, perfect for fighting the Hulk, Ultron, Thanos, Jeff Bridges, or even Mickey Rourke in!

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