Black Widow 5′ Rope Web


Black Widow 5′ Rope Web

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There really isn’t anything much creepier than walking through a spider web. In fact, that unfortunate occurrence may just be the one that lingers the longest. After it happens, it’s hard to shake that tickling feeling and that fear of a spider (or multiple spiders) crawling all over you. It’s what makes the existence of spider webs and cob webs work so well for Halloween decorating. But, like most people, you don’t love the idea of letting a spider set up shop and spin their elaborate web just for the sake of a spooky aesthetic. Luckily, we know a way you can dress your home in webs without messing with the real thing!
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Add this 5-foot Black Widow Rope Web to your home for Halloween! Its large size and black rope make it easy to see, so there’s no chance you’ll accidentally walk into it and have to deal with that all too familiar tangled feeling. Adding an oversized fake black widow spider (sold separately) would e.

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