Black Poodle Scarf for Women


Black Poodle Scarf for Women

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So, you’re a fan of 50’s fashion? We don’t blame you, 50’s fashion was awesome! We’d have loved to be around for the 1950’s, we like to think that we’d have fit right in. And the poodle skirts, ohh the poodle skirts. We’d have had one in a different color for every day of the week. People would be wondering what day of the week it is, then they would see the color of our skirt and know: “Oh if she’s wearing green, it must be a Tuesday!” We’ve been waiting for these skirts to make a comeback, they are about due! 
This scarf is the perfect accent to your poodle skirt! The best part about this one is the color. Thanks to the fact that it’s black, you can match it with just about any poodle skirt! This scarf even has the poodle applique, so you know it’s the real deal.
THE 1950’S 
We might not be able to live in the 1950’s, but we can still listen to their music! You’ll find us listening to Elvis and Frank Sinatra any day of the week, roaming aimlessly in our poodle skirt while we reminisce of days we never saw… .

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