Baby Shark Mommy Shark Adult Costume with Sound Chip


Baby Shark Mommy Shark Adult Costume with Sound Chip

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A Love So Pure We know your little secret! Sure, maybe you pretend that you only play Baby Shark a thousand times a day because your little one loves it so much. But we know that deep down, you secretly love it just as much as your child. It has such a catchy tune and a bouncy beat, that you can help but hit that replay button after you’re done listening to it. Don’t worry.. you’re among friends here. We love Baby Shark. We love it a lot more than we should. Whenever we head out to a dance or a wedding, we secretly hope for the Baby Shark song to start playing, so we can get on the dance floor and bust out the Baby Shark dance moves. And we definitely love this Women’s Baby Shark Mommy Shark Costume! Product Details If you secretly love Baby Shark as much as us, then you’re going to have a blast wearing this Mommy Shark Costume. The outfit is based on the hit song about sharks that has swept across the world! The costume comes with a pink, tunic-style top that has fins on the back and on the sides. The hood portion has an opening in the front for your face with a layer of felt teeth around the edge. The top even has a pair of adorable eyes to match the look of the music video! Of course, the best part about this costume is the sound chip! The costume actually plays a clip from the song, so you can turn any room into a Baby Shark dance party with this outfit! Ready to Hunt? You and your little one will love rocking out to Baby Shark when you’re wearing this cute costume! Be sure to check out all of our Baby Shark costumes to get the whole family of sharks ready to hunt!

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