Adult Grinch Costume with Hat and Half Mask


Adult Grinch Costume with Hat and Half Mask

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Stealing presents from kids is a blast 
Though parents might think it’s quite tacky 
You’ll have your green-furred revenge at last! 
Just put stockings and bags in your. . . sacky 
The Whoo’s might be mad  
The kids will be sad 
But your plot is simply on-tracky! 
You might be wondering how we got so good at rhyming, after all, we’re a simple online retail business, not a group of ragtag Bohemian poets. Well, we did a lot of research to find the best Grinch costumes possible for our beloved costumers. Yes, maybe the Seussian poetry workshop was going a little overboard but it was totally worth it for that those genius stanzas, right? Right?  
Ah, well. You guys must be a bunch of Grinches. That’s probably why you’re looking up this costume, huh? Well, you’ll be happy to find that it’s easy to make your seasonal disposition official with this Grinch mask and top hat! Just slip it on and show the world how you feel. Just don’t be surprised when Grandma hides the presents! .

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