10-Piece Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Set


10-Piece Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Set

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Let your imagination run wild with a 10-Piece Ultimate Pumpkin Carving Set. It includes six stencils for you to create a bat, a smiling pumpkin, a headless horseman, a cat, a skeleton and a creepy black spider. The plastic carving tools include a scoop, a saw, a detailer and a marker. This collection is ideal for shaping the Halloween decoration of your dreams. Cut the top off your pumpkin, remove the inside goo and save the seeds for roasting. Trace a stencil and use the saw to cut away unnecessary pieces. Use these tools to also make a festive or spooky jack-o-lantern of your own design. Display it in the window or out on the front porch. Tuck a real candle or artificial votive inside to light up the seasonal image. Pull out the Halloween carving set for some family fun or a creative night with friends.

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